Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Special Days and Special Friends....

A few packages were sent across the pond...
some for Valentine's and some for Birthdays...
or both!

A friend and co-worker clued me in on a very lovely patchwork book...
I am always surprised when books like this, by Suzuko Koseki, get by my radar!

I adapted the needlecase pattern to make a couple of sweet little cases for friends...

a lovely little Valentine's treat!

a fun round shape...all hand applique and hand quilting...

 a couple little felt centers for keeping those needles handy!

Happy Valentine's Day, Clare and Susan! And Happy Birthday, Susan!
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


  1. Happy Valentines to you too sweetheart! I LOVE my gifts and am currently using my needle case, thank you xoxo

    ps. love the french bulldog fabric liner of my case woof!

  2. how adorably sweet those needlecases are! would never think I needed one, now I must have one!!! funny how that works!

  3. What a sweet needlecase...don't you just love making sweet little things...I know I do

  4. Happy valentines! Those are very sweet gifts!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Mary! Very lucky friends ;-)

  6. You make the loveliest gifts!! I love that book, really anything by Suxuko Koseki is worth getting, and her fabrics are wonderful too.

  7. Thank you, Mary! You are the sweetest friend! And such a talented lady! I love my needle case with its pretty flower and stitching! Happy Valentine's Day to you....much love!

  8. How cute! That book had slipped past my radar too.

  9. Mary I love this! It has such a vintage look but is so whimsical and you! It's a style you have that I just love. Now I want to make one. Did you needle turn the petals or EPP them?

  10. happy birthday to you, some nice little pieces you have made here

  11. What Special gifts from the heart on Valentines!

  12. Gosh yes, love the needle case too!
    Must look out for that book, really like the flower design on the cover too : )

  13. Adorable!! So sweet & small and easy to tuck in when traveling. That book looks so interesting. Very good pics as well.