Friday, June 13, 2014

Planning the yardage...

I don't know about you, but I rarely purchase fabric just for a quilt pattern.  Rather, I just purchase fabric - lots of it - and usually have enough for a quilt pattern....or two...or three! LOL!

I envy people who are more disciplined and purchase only what they need when they need it.  

I am hoping this post will help those who are planning to pull from their stash and those who need an excuse to buy more!  Really, does anyone need an excuse???

the template that I will post on Sunday is a finished 12 inch block.

As I said before, there are several companies who make Flowering Snowball templates and the list is growing...
if you come across a company I have not listed, either include it in the comments or email the name to me to be added to the list.  I will add the list to the end of this post.

Yardage for a 12 inch block and a 48 X 48 inch quilt....good lap or baby size.

Fabric A and B (same template)....1 1/8 yards of each.  If you are making a scrappy quilt, I would add these two amounts 1.125 + 1.125= 2.25 yards total

Fabric C ....1 3/8 yards

Fabric D ....1/8 yard

Out of a yard and an eighth of fabric you should be able to get 32 of template A cut....there are 4 of these per block...  of course the same for template B  

Out of a yard and three-eighths of fabric you should be able to get 64 of template C cut and there are 4 of these per block

If you plan on making a different size you should be able to adjust the fabric requirements fairly easily.  I have not seen if any of the manufactured templates include fabric yardage requirements....I am still waiting for my templates to be delivered.

But if you are making a different size block and/or a different size quilt and need help deciding what the yardage should can email me and I will try to help.  I use the Electric Quilt program and have really enjoyed using it over the years.  I would recommend a software program for anyone who does a lot of quilting and would like to design their own quilts or just work with different blocks and techniques.  The EQ program has a block library and you can adjust the block size and the quilt size to suit your needs.  

So here is the list for the manufactured templates...

 Okay!  I will see you Sunday with templates that you can print out on your own printer!
happy friday!



  1. Thank you Mary. Really looking forward to your quilt along! I alway love the way you pull everything together!

  2. I think there is a new Accuquilt go die in a 12" finished block size. It's a little pricey though.

  3. I printed a copy of (mismatched) templates that you had in an earlier post...and the "A" template was perfect for a 5" charm square...I improvised a C & D template from the A template...and it makes a 9.25" block...I mocked it up with muslin, to be sure they worked :) I used the cardboard from a couple charm packs to make the templates :)...fwiw :) Still have no idea what fabrics to use!

  4. Given the price of postage, I think i will be sticking to your pdf version. And the advantage of going scrappy is there is always enough fabric in the stash!

  5. Thanks for the yardage tips! I'll be snipping shapes out of lots of different fabrics.

  6. still searching for the templates from here in the UK but not looking good, fingers crossed I will find some

  7. I'm not very good at keeping up with QAL's but this quilt looks too good to pass up.:)

  8. I love your quilt, especially the way you quilted it. I'm looking forward to participating and happy for the inspiration and tips.

  9. How many pieces your flowering snowball templates set has?

  10. Hi mary, I'm very excited as this is my first quilt along! I'm hoping to try a 9" template, but as my brain is filled with my threes sons activitites etc, I may not be able to do this myself and will stick to 12".......

  11. Hi and thanks bunches! Qal newbie here.

  12. I am often confused by simple things... but why are there A & B templates instead of just A since they are the same?

  13. i just purchased a 12 inch template set from this etsy seller:

    i was happy to find someone who offered international shipping at a reasonable price.

    alas, i will be very late to the game once my templates arrive, you will all work on hand stitching your binding... :)