Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Schedule of Events....

I am more than halfway finished quilting my Flowering Snowball!  And I am loving every stitch!

When my kids were little, I would sit at the park or in a lawn chair in my yard, quilting...
These days when I quilt I am usually listening to night watching a movie.
      Do you have an activity while you sew?  Listen to books?  Something I should do... Drink a glass of wine?  I don't have much luck with that....  What is your routine?

Here is the schedule for the Flowering Snowball-along...
You can hop in anytime you like and you can do as much or as little as you like.  Make a large quilt or just a block...

and as we work our way through it, you can post your pictures here 
and on Instagram use the hashtag #floweringsnowballalong you can find me on Instagram at marysdugan

Post schedule- June 11th.
Yardage - June 13th.
Templates and options for making Templates - June 15th.
Choosing Fabrics::with a special guest Susan@PatchworknPlay- June 20th.
Cutting Fabric using the templates or choosing to make an English Paper Piecing Version::with a special guest Clare@Selfsewn- June 23rd.
Sewing Curves and Piecing - June 30th.
Putting the Top Together - July 14th.
Quilting and Binding - July 18th.
Show Off your Finished or Almost Finished Flowering Snowball - Aug. 8th.

Again...this is a fun quilt and I think you will be surprised at how easy it is!




  1. Thank you! I'm so excited. I've ordered my templates and pulled fabrics from my stash. Yippee!

  2. I'm definitely going to jump in and FINISH my flowering snowball. This is the motivation I need. Thanks, Mary!

  3. When i sew or knit, I use something special: Ivona Reader (Text-to-speech). This is e-book reader with almost a human voice :) I recommend, very clever!

  4. I've picked my fabrics so I guess I'm joining in!!

  5. i love your quilting photos. :)

  6. looks good, would have loved the acrylic template but cannot justify $24 postage to the UK making in $42 in total, cannot find one for sale here

  7. Oh, with an August 8th finish date, I may just get time for ONE block! Almost worth staying home for.....almost!

  8. i like to listen to music or to watch and listen to great inspiration! love your quilting.

  9. I seem to be gradually committing myself to this :) I have no plan in mind for fabrics, but will make my own templates and wing it from there! I have only ever done one other quilt-along, an HST BOM, so this will be fun fun fun! I don't have a routine when it comes to sewing...just fling the window open, in nice weather and get to it :)

  10. Trying out an EPP version of this today. Your hand quilting with black thread is so pretty! Looking forward to the posts.

  11. Looking forward to learning from you!

  12. ooh I like that im a guest! Sorry I havent been reading blogs, I have a lot to catch up on!

  13. Ok, so I am half a year late. But I will do it anyway. I do not know when, I do not know how, but I love this project and I have to try.