Sunday, July 18, 2010

Molly Flanders

After much consideration I have decided to embark on the world of blogging. My name is Mary and my blog is titled Molly Flanders.

Molly is my oldest daughter who loves embroidery and Flanders is our adorable Mutt!

I am the mother of 3 girls, a wife, a former elementary teacher and an avid quilter. I spend A LOT of time quilting, thinking about quilts, and planning my next quilt. I do think it is a sickness!

So why begin blogging? Really, I am not sure, so far I have been rather frustrated with the whole creating, setting and posting process. Certainly computer skills are not at the top of my "skills list", but I have several folks I can seek out for help.

So why begin blogging? Well, I enjoy the creative blogs I regularly visit. They are a real source of ideas and inspiration. So I am hoping we can share tips, ideas, and lots of compliments while involved in this creative expression.


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