Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Do List

It is a beautiful day here!  The humidity and the heat this summer have been oppressive, but today we have been blessed with a cool(er), sunny, lovely day.  But I need to get some things accomplished - ugh.
On the TO DO LIST for today:
  • ADD some stitches to this project

  • Work on this project - I can't get enough of these cute little pigs.  For these wedges I am using a 45 degree ruler.  Piecing several strips of fabric (salvage to salvage) and making several cuts with the wedge ruler.  Then chain piece two wedges at a time - 8 wedges in all for one block.  Piece two of those together to make one-half of the circle, then sew the two halves together - matching center points.  The ruler I used is Petal Shapes by Darlene Zimmerman.  I simply squared off the top of the wedge to create an octagon rather than a petal.  To make the octagon into a square block, simply add a 3 1/2 inch triangle to every other wedge....4 triangles in all.

  • Clean - yuck!

  • Make - dinner - hmmm -what to do with chicken?
As for the is getting somewhat easier.  This is the third day in a row!  Yay! 

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  1. Welcome to blog land. I love all the projects you've shared so far and I REMEMBER what it's like to begin blogging!! Your site looks great!!