Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, we have phone service but the internet is still not at all reliable and is running sooooo slow!  I guess the problem is a router (which we just purchased a couple months ago).  We ordered a new router and found out the current router has had very bad is an AT&T router...not feeling the love for AT&T right now.   Ugh!
Working on a few more tea towels...
Molly drew the teacups!
I stitched using the free motion foot.  This Liberty fabric is such a delight to work with... 
  Working on a few other projects, the pickle-dish and quilting the zig-zag #2....but it is taking FOREVER to download anything right that will have to wait for another day :)
On a positive note I am staying toasty warm hand quilting with the quilt over my is very cold in Ohio right now.  I guess winter has arrived!


  1. I'm totally taken with those adorable tea cups! The detail is just amazing.

    I'd love to be hand quilting on the couch right now. Hmmmm .... better get sewing so I have something to quilt!

  2. That looks fantastic! i love the liberty fabrics, Keep warm x

  3. Sweet Liberty !!
    Beautiful work Mary .. too beautiful for a tea towel .

  4. Those tea cups are too adorable!

  5. The teacups are great! Nice to take a break from the technology and do some hand-quilting.

  6. Love, love, love the tea towels! :)