Monday, December 6, 2010

No Phone, No Internet....What is a Girl To Do..... of course...
feeling the crunch of Christmas and the need to get gift making complete...not to mention the shopping I need to do.  But this weekend I spent a good deal of my time "negotiating" with AT&T....ugh!  The first repair date they gave me was next Friday!  Are you kidding! 
So I did a little shopping and then worked on some Christmas gifts...ho, ho, ho!
I picked up a few small cuts of Liberty at the shoppe this weekend.....ohhhhhhh.....I am in love!
Again, I used the designs from Scandinavian Stitches....this little pony was added to a tea towel....
Add a little Liberty to the saddle, cart and a ruffle....cute, cute...
Lots more to is your gift sewing going?
Mary :)    


  1. Are those fabric buckets ? They are really lovely and will make great gifts...

  2. Yes...they are fabric buckets. Followed the pattern for one, but am adding other designs from the Scandinavian Stitches book for others.

  3. Lovely gifts, you are making me feel guilty as I haven't really started mine yet! I also spy my favourite Liberty print there, Wiltshire Berries, I love it :)

  4. You´re soo busy - I haven´t started yet, too! I need some time to finish some custom orders ... and then I hope I´ll have some time (and Kajsa´s book is so much fun)