Monday, December 20, 2010


Ugh!  I have been so durn busy this week....sometimes I have felt like I am just spinning my wheels (ever felt like that ?)....
I have done some shopping, some Christmas present making, and puttering away at the pickle-dish, and to top it all off....a baby shower gift....for NEXT WEEK!!!  Yikes!
For the baby shower I am working on a Pinwheel Quilt with the lovely Cloud 9 fabrics...from the best shoppe in Central Ohio....
Love these fat little elephants!
I do love this pickle-dish...even though it seems never-ending...I wish I had an entire day to just sit and work on it...maybe next week...huh?
Some of my time this past week was spent bonding with my new husband decided a new machine would make a great Christmas gift....who am I to argue?????
So I decided to upgrade from my MC6600 to the new Horizon 7700!!!!  YAY!  I really like the 6600 and could not imagine liking anything more, but this is quickly becoming my new best friend....

It is huge....a clear advantage for pushing a big quilt through....I love the free motion on this machine....thank you Mr. M!!!
Hi Ho, Hi's off to work I go!!!!


  1. Lucky you ... your new machine looks fantastic !!
    The pinwheels are sweet ... I have some of that cute print for a baby due in May .

  2. What a fantastic Christmas gift! I know you will really enjoy it!

  3. those pinwheels are precious! I love that new line! Trying to get my hands on it~

    Have fun and enjoy every step!

  4. Yay! Nice machine!
    How'd the cookies turn out?