Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is It Monday Yet?

I sure don't have a lot to show which is really weird because I have been working my bum off this weekend....mostly on a project for work....I can show you itsy bitsy pieces of this one...

So there you go...some pieces!!!
And this will be part of it...

I sat at the machine all day..... working.  I did have to leave to go to the grocery.  Gah!!!  Why does my family expect food in the cupboard?  

Last night I worked on a little improvisational quilting for my upcoming class....

I like this fun little block done with paper foundation piecing....not so much my fabrics.  It was late and I was just grabbing things to put this together.  I would absolutely not use the red and white polka dot.  I need to do this one again with a better selection of fabrics.

Molly has worked on projects for me the last couple of days...

This became a pincushion for the sweet Emily!!!  Happy Birthday Emily!!!

And this is for me :)  I want to frame it....thank you Molly!!!
Okay - I am pooped!!!
Good night All!!!


  1. I find your blog so inspiring. I love Molly's embroidery. I so love to embroider things and hers is just beautiful.

  2. Its Monday here! Your improv block is 'spookily' like what I worked over the weekend. Mine was supposed to be foundation pieced too but I ended up doing the traditional way! Lots of pretty embroider there too!

  3. Mary, your fabrics are so fun! It always makes me happy to look at your blog. I really like the improv block but agree that the red/white dots aren't dark enough....I like all the others though. You have raised a talented daughter!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh boy. I hope you show us. :o)
    I really need to look into paper piecing.
    You have me very curious. :o)
    Your daughter makes the most beautiful
    stitchings!!! I can see why you would frame your special one. :o)
    Have a nice week Mary.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. You are such a tease with your new projects. Keeps me coming back - thanks!

  6. I love your use of prints - your blog is definitely one of my most favorites.

  7. Fabulous as always ~ I too will be waiting. One more of my endless questions. On your large quilts, do you do any machine quilting before you do the hand stitching?

  8. I just found you and i love what i see :-)

    So many awesome quilts, you great, really!
    I think i stop by a lot :-)


  9. Oooo cannot wait to find out what it is!