Monday, April 11, 2011

Working Out Some Design Options.....

My usual routine has been a bit altered this morning, but I needed to work out some design options....something similar to a wedding ring but with less parts and faster to complete.  So I have been working out the options....

I am loving this cute little block....

  this is a sample of the quilt

This design is not for me....but I am thinking I might really like to use it.  The block is called Flowering Snowball :)

This block {above} was made a bit more "liberated" by piecing the fabric and then cutting out the oval/petal parts.....

I think it is a great little block especially for those new to curved piecing....very gentle curves that go together so smoothly.  Yep, I am liking this block :)

And, I have decided on a background fabric for my NYB....

It is a periwinkle dot by Kaffe....

I have another great NYB block to work on and a couple of options for the arrangement that I need to nail down!
See you later!


  1. Wow, I would love to spend a week with you and learn all these cool techniques. I rely so heavily on patterns--I guess they call that lack of imagination...

  2. I love that top block (oh, and the periwinkle dots in the bottom block too!). I would love to do the top block for my 3x6 block exchange. What size is your block?

  3. I love what you are doing. Beautiful blocks. Hugs

  4. Mary, I am wanting to make a quilt for paul and my's bed... I really like the idea of the wedding ring....and I like the idea of not taking as long as a normal wedding ring. Hmmm... Maybe I should just take another class :-P

  5. Oh I DO need to visit and attend this class! That is a great block! But that tiny little square in the centre!!! WOW!

  6. MMM I'm lovin' that flowering snowball! Very cute.

  7. I just love how your fabric selection...these both are so great. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The flowering snowball is a lovely block, and I love your piecing of the segments!

  9. i wonder if you are going to be posting more progress about your flowering snowball design? a quilt a long maybe... you have to know i would be your very first so follow along!

  10. i love the curves in your block. i must have missed these on the 3x6 bee block page. now i'll have to go look again.

  11. Do you have any tips on how to put together the flowering snowball? I love the look of it. Did you make your own templates?