Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sweet Pup!

Well, between having tires repaired, oil changes, and getting ready to visit my mom for a couple of days....there has been a little sewing at our house. 
Molly has been working on a gift for her former Spanish advisor.  Her advisor is from Chile and LOVES chihuahua's....So Molly embroidered this adorable tea towel using a Jenny Hart design... 

Now I know the reason for the yo-yo making lesson!!!
She added some bling to make this one fetching pup!!!

I have been searching for the next fun project...I have plenty of "have-to-do" projects....and I have a few Gonna Make That Someday quilts on my list....

 I have also decided to just try out a few single blocks just for the fun of it....this one is called Road To Fortune...

I played with some of the solids and paper piecing....I like the block but not something I want for an entire quilt....

I began working on another block that I am in LOVE with...but it is only half finished so I will show you later this week.  I will only take some hand quilting with me when I go to my mom's house.  So stayed tuned....  

Hope your week is going well.....


  1. The solids block is SO unlike you Mary! (although I do like the 'idea' of it) Maybe you'd like it better in florals? And what a cute chihuahua! What a sweet gift!

  2. I know!!! I think it is me getting prepared for my trip into Amish country....all the black and bright colors!!! I like the block but not crazy about it. The block I am working on now is one of those on my list of 'must have this' is soooo like me!

  3. That little towel is just precious! Love the line of yo-yos. :o) I always wanted to make an entire quilt of yo-yos. :o)
    Have a wonderful trip and thanks for showing us your block. I can't wait to see the one you are working on!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. love the gift for Molly's advisor! how sweet of her. solids... with no polka dots? that's just crazy talk. haha. i know it will be beautiful if you are making it. that is just a fact.

  5. Adorable tea towel--love the embroidery. The solid block is really's so fun to play with new techniques and designs...

  6. Have a wonderful time with your she as creative as the other gals in the family?!

  7. I think I need to make some yoyos now!

    Cute block :)

  8. So cute!!! Road to Fortune is so pretty! I love Jenny Hart's stuff. My daughter is more of the edgy type of girl rather than the traditional flowery type of girl. I made her a whole set of dish towels with Jenny Hart transfers. She thought they were the bomb! LOL!