Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing Something Sweet...

Last night we wrapped up our final Modern Quilt Class.  The women in my classes are so inspiring....I love sewing with all of them....every single one!

So I thought I would share some of the creations....
Janelle has such an eye for color!  She used this gorgeous red/orange shot cotton for the background and lots of Anna Maria Horner {crush} for the fanciful wings!  I love this design!
She is hand quilting this with perle cotton in a pattern of circles....fantastic!

Jenny worked on a star quilt with various shades of green for the background fabric and the sashing....
Isn't it amazing!  She is working on a spiky border and will machine quilt her new bed quilt!

The fabrics and colors she chose are so much fun....and so bright!

And Melody wanted to do a quilt that had a circular feel....reminiscent of a double wedding ring.  Melody had never quilted or pieced a quilt we found this Flowering Snowball pattern.  A traditional pattern with gentle curves.  
Can you believe she has never put a quilt together before?  And isn't this just the cutest pattern?  Melody used re-purposed fabrics for this quilt.  The pink fabric she dyed at home and is from old shirts!  How great is that!

And finally, Lora worked on a quilt that will become a gift for friends....somehow I missed getting a good picture of her color block quilt....I think I was mesmerized by the yummy cupcake resting on her sewing machine!

Thank you Janelle for providing the sweets :)  And I will post a proper picture of Lora's quilt when she is finished quilting...she plans to machine quilt and add some pick stitching!  Yay!

Then when I got home last night I had an email from another student who just can't get enough of quilting....warms my heart :)
Jennifer made a larger version of this quilt in our beginning quilt class....then she made a mini- me pinwheel quilt!  
You are a rock-star Jennifer!!!

Isn't quilting great :)


  1. i'm drooling over melody's quilt!!!

  2. Mary! I got the pattern/templates in the mail yesterday and I am so excited! Thank you so much! Melody's quilt is SOOO beautiful! I can't wait to start on one for myself! Thank you again, your thoughtfulness is abundant and so appreciated!

  3. Quilting is the BEST. It's tactile, colorful, creative, and you meet the most wonderful people!

  4. Gorgeous quilts!! I love Janelle's shot cotton quilt, and the dyed pink fabric is amazing. Great job to everyone!!

  5. Wow - can't believe these are beginners! They should all be proud of their results - maybe had something to do with having a good teacher too!

  6. Oh my gosh I'm blown away. What pattern is the one Melody used? I really love the green in Jenny's too. These are fantastic.

  7. I too love the Flowering Snowball pattern and I have not been able to find a pattern yet. BTW when you showed us your GFG and gave the name of the book you got it from, I was so excited, this is the pattern I had been searching for, with the tiny triangles joining the flowers. I searched that day and found someone with that book for sale and it came today, I am doing a happy dance :0)

  8. Yes can you share where you found the Flowering Snowball pattern! I can't believe everyone is a beginner - so talented!

  9. These beautiful quilts are indeed are a credit to their wonderful teacher! I think the green one is my favourite, but its no secret I love green! The Flowering Snowball looks like a great pattern!

  10. My heart skipped a beat over the circular pattern. Which pattern is that? I would love to give that a try!!
    Love the quilt show.

  11. Love that circle quilt. Impressive first! And of course, the cupcake. :)

  12. I just love hearing about new quilters and seeing their accomplishments. It's hard to believe they are beginners actually. The designs are awesome, I wish I'd been that good all those years ago. I love Melody's recycling a lot. Exciting post, thanks for the show and tell.

  13. They are all great. The flowering snowball quilt is amazing!!