Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simply Satisfying....

I love quilting.  I love almost every style of quilting.  For me the joy is truly in the process.  I am eager to learn different techniques and more fully develop techniques I already have in my arsenal.  It really is the process...

 For me...hand work is so rewarding....I enjoy the quiet times to sit and let my hands go through the motions while my mind just thinks....about everything.  I clear up all the unanswered questions, make plans, dream of the next project...all in that little space of time while I lay my stitches down without a thought.  I really am not concerned when it will be finished....if it will be finished.  It is the process.

When my kids were little, I would take my sewing outside and sit in a lawn chair and watch them play.  This Carolina Lily quilt was made during one of those was one of my first quilts....

The mauve is a dead giveaway that this was made in the 80's!  I hand pieced this quilt and hand quilted it.  For the longest time it was on my Maggie's bed...

Then one night the corner slipped into the gerbil cage...and the gerbil had a good chew!
When I look at it now...I think how 'cutting edge' I must have been to have these simple solids on a white background! LOL!

It is very simple and yet as a whole probably took me a very long time to finish....

Today I tried a different design {same technique} using English Paper Piecing.  I followed a tutorial by Clare from My Selfsown Life    to create this lovely star flower block {don't know if that is the true name}

I used Denyse Schmidt voile for the star...if I continue, I am not sure I would use voile.  It is a bit flimsy in the center.  But I love the delicate design of this fabric.  And I actually like the black is a lovely block.  Clare did an entire quilt with this block and I have enjoyed watching her progress.

Quilting is so simply satisfying....

Have a great Wednesday!

PS.....I have had more than one issue with blogger the moment I cannot comment without my profile being anonymous....are any of you having similar issues?   


  1. Ooh its fantastic!
    You will soon be grabbing any old scrap just to see how it will look! Dont forget to throw in some fussy cut stripes, they are my fav.

    Now I'm going to be stalking your progress!

    Love your old quilt, my first quilt was completely hand sewn/quilted too, mad or what!

    Clare x

  2. I too have been having problems with I had to keep signing in over and over and it would just look back at me and do nothing I had to give up...hmmmmm
    Anyway, I too love the process..I know exactly what you mean about the hand work I adore it...if I even see thread my hands want to start to stitch...I think that is why I do a lot of embroidery...I love grandmothers flower garden..I have never done paper piecing. Why do you do it that way? I have always just sewn the pieces together it more precise or is there another reason? I may need to try it. I love your color choices for the grandmother's!!!!! Have fun!!!!

  3. I was having that problem yesterday-so annoying! I haven't noticed it today though.

  4. The blogger/comment problem has happened to me intermittently over the last few days but each time it righted itself!
    Your flower basket quilt is lovely!
    It is the process that keeps me interested in making new things- there is always something new to try and learn!
    Your new hexagon flower is gorgeous! I love orange and purple together too!

  5. I love the story behind your 1980s quilt! That is why I love to buy old ones...ones that are pieced by hand...I would love to know their back-stories as well. Thank you for sharing. As always, an inspiration!

  6. yes, blogger had issues but i think they are resolved. I love the star Mary. I have been meaning to get the voile in all three colorways but there is so much new fabric out all at once! i am in a panic! how can i pull off anymore. can't they just stop for a little bit and let us save up our pennies? i also loved your story behind that quilt. i brought one home very dear to my heart this weekend. it needs repair in a few places but i just love its character. i would love to share a pic but i have no camera. lost on the trip. always something but i can rely on your blog to make me smile.

  7. Blogger has had a lot of glitches lately, it wouldn't let me leave comments yesterday. I think I read that they are doing updates.
    Ditto on the process, it sometimes doesn't bother me if something is finished. It's great to see one of your early quilts, I think it was quite fresh for back then, important thing is that it was loved and used. I love any hexagon design, the stars are especially nice.

  8. thanks for the lovely post today. i hope blogger lets me post this to you :-( !

  9. I really enjoyed your eye candy today Mary. I can relate to the little animal chewing on your beautiful daughter's dog chewed an eight inch circle in the middle of an appliqued quilt..not hand quilted though.

  10. I am always so envious of all you talented quilters. I love the the white quilt with the bright colors. It is beautiful.

  11. Wow Mary your quilt is a beauty - will you repair the damage or leave it as part of it's story? Loving your hexies - they seem to be coming along nicely. I also love learning new things and have enjoyed the process too much but am trying to love finishing this year! Also had problems with comments....grrrr!

  12. Love those star flower blocks! Just too tempting...
    ; )

  13. I love your 80s quilt, and those blocks are beautiful. I love handquilting too. It's so calming

  14. Ooooo. Love the new star on black plaid. Very pretty. I, too, love the quiet, peaceful process called hand-work. Thanks for sharing! = )

  15. I found your blogspot a few days ago and I love it. Sometimes your blog is what gets me through the day. I have a very busy,demanding job with a lot of responsibility. You are my lifeline to sanity sometimes. By the way, my name is Mary too. I live in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

  16. YES! But for some reason not on your blog. I can't even contact my Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner who is one of those "no comment" or whatever bloggers whose e-mail addresses don't show with their comment!!!!

  17. Beautiful block and I love reading the story behind the '80s quilt.