Monday, May 30, 2011

This House....

It has been a very busy weekend...Memorial with my mom :)
My mom lives in a small town.  A town where my dad grew up....a town where his family lived for generations...
A few months ago my mom showed me the house where my dad worked...his first real job.  It was a part of the American Art Works...they produced lithographs, painted enamel trays and signs.  He was fresh out of Art School....

If my dad were alive he would be turning 87 this year....I can just see him as a handsome young man in his twenties climbing the steps to enter this house....
I adore this house....

This house needs some work...but the windows are lovely...absolutely lovely....

They remind me of quilting designs :)

Not much sewing this weekend....but I did get to visit this house...
hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day!


  1. What an absolutely stunning house! I agree with the fabulous windows which would make great quilting designs! How lovely to return here and picture your dear Dad here too! A special day for you and your Mum!

  2. love this house and the story you wrote about it. My dad would have been 86 this year...I miss him!

  3. I loved the show "If walls could talk". Don't you wish that was true and hear all the stories they could tell. Beautiful home and special memories.
    Love your painting below on your Christmas scene.

  4. i sewed enough for the both of us this weekend, with a broken machine even!

  5. Fantastic house - thanks for sharing that about your dad (I've been getting grumpy about my dad making me feel guilty if I don't call him EVERY day!) argh!

  6. Beautiful house Mary - love the door and windows around it. Someone went to a lot of effort when this was built to make it look special!

    That's what we try to do with our quilts!

  7. What a lovely family memory...

  8. What a lovely house. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Loved reading about you on Live a Colorful Life! Molly is beautiful!

  9. I am curious where this house is. It looks so familiar.