Monday, May 2, 2011

Working Around the House.....

I am not sure if I mentioned that my better half is on vacation...I thought he was to be home for two weeks....but it is actually three weeks....Yikes!
I am used to the goings on when it is just the girls about the is a little different with the hubs home...

So for the last couple of days I have been drafting a project for an up coming class...
A little pincushion.... a house...

Honestly, I think I could have finished a quilt in the time it has taken me to draft this little baby....but it is almost there....I just need to tweak it a little...

Over the weekend I picked up some pretty fabric and trim....maybe a little pouch for my sister...

And I have been clicking along with this grandmothers flower garden {lifetime quilt}....I think I have convinced Molly to help me with the hexies....YAY!

I did purchase a new camera I need to learn how to use it properly....but so far I am liking it :)

I clicked this pic of Molly as she arrived home from swimming lessons {she teaches wee ones to swim}..... 

Hope you are doing well!


  1. Perfect little pouch fabric and trim! Molly is adorable!

  2. I always find pin cushion take SO much time- your little house is SO cute! Your purchases look yummy-great spots!

  3. Cute that Dresden hanging in the background.

  4. that's the cutest wee pincushion !!

  5. That is one adorable little pincushion! I love the fabric and trim too.

  6. Love your little house. And your hexies are comming along nicely. I'm now crocheting Granny these vintage style projects.

  7. Ahhh.. thats the sweetest little house pincushion I have seen...:O)))

  8. That is the sweetest pin cushion. Only one problem...I want to live in it!!

  9. I love your pincushion! Will you have a pattern (or tutorial) for it? Absolutely darling!!!