Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Finish....

I had great intentions class this evening so nothing to stop me....right?  Oh seemed everyone was stopping me....Molly wanting a sewing lesson...Mary wanting to pick out fabrics for a new quilt...
And then the disasterous curtains for my family room...I chose an absolutely lovely Echino fabric...nobody liked it for curtains, but I insisted it would be fantastic and so cheery.  I finished one panel, put it up and didn't like it!  I love the fabric...just not in my family room and on that window....Oh well....I tried.
But I did have one finish for this frustrating Friday....
The Union Jack has it's binding and a precious label....

This is actually an outside was warm today!!!

For the binding I just used the same red polka dot fabric!!!

And Molly embroidered a precious final touch....the label!!!

So much for my bumbly...jumbly day....hopefully tomorrow the fabric I ordered will arrive and I can get crackin' on the Strawberry Fields quilt...I am itching to get goin'


  1. Hi Mary. :o)
    Such a fabulous finish!! Your hand stitching is divine and love the polka dot binding! :o)
    I have a finish posted today too, but it is only the top, I am going to be working on the hand stitching over the weekend. :o)
    I know what you mean by having those sort of days. I can run about and not get anything accomplished. ugh. :o)
    So happy for you ... that you have been having nice weather! Don't you just love it??
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. Wonderful Union Jack finish! It looks so huggable!

  3. Wow! It is gorgeous. I love the finishing touch. I have those best of intention days, too. Can't wait to see what you're up to next.

  4. Union Jack is beautiful! The spots are especially pretty! Hope you get lots of sewing done over the weekend too!

  5. Love the Union Jack, so cheerful and fun!
    Bummer about the curtains, was it the fabric you posted a picture of awhile ago with the birds and bright flowers? It's so lovely, did it just not look right in the space or what? : /

  6. Well you knew I would have to stop by and admire this beauty!

  7. Hi Ellen,
    Yep - it just didn't look right in the room. We have a long window but not that tall and the room is sort of narrow. It just sort of looked like a 1960's dorm room. Not exactly the look I was going for. But that's okay - I will toss that fabric into a quilt or some pillows.

  8. Its lovely Mary is it all hand quilted?
    So neat!

  9. Love your union jack quilt!

  10. What a great quilt! And I love the polka dots instead of plain white! :)

  11. this is beautiful...i love the stitching and quilting you did. i love your blog so i had to go and make myself a follower