Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hokkoh Heaven.....

My favorite little fabric shoppe....and the place I spend many hours with the most delightful people....just continues to stock their shelves with absolutely irresistible fabric....
Such as this adorable Tea Party line designed by Hokkoh....
The colors are so clear and the prints are simply charming....

So while I am working on a couple other little projects, and working out the details for the Eloise Quilt....I am going to begin another from the Material Obsession book....what a surprise, right???
This is Strawberry Fields and, to me, it just calls for these fantastic Hokkoh a few others....I can't wait to get started!!!



  1. Love the fabrics! Its never too early to start something new Mary! Your quilting stitches are divine~I love your thread color choices on those yummy quilt~So glad to have found you in blogland!
    ♥ Eileen

  2. Hi Eileen...glad you found me too! Oh I love starting new...just not enough hours in the day. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Look forward to seeing how your "Strawberry Fields" comes together. I've made that quilt and its my all time favorite!

  4. That is great to hear! I will know who to turn to in case I have any issues :)