Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Work Day....

I love Thursdays....everyone is gone and I have a quiet house.  I usually get up about 5:00 am...the boy {my husband} gets up about 4:30 am to get his at about 5:00 I drag my bag of bones out of the bed and down to the coffee pot. 
Once everyone is gone...I do a little jig and get going.
This morning the Strawberry Fields got me cookin'....
After some deliberation over the cutting instructions....I have a few blocks beginning to look like they belong in a quilt....

I love this fabric!!!  It is Flower Sugar by Lecien.   Very Spring- y....

And I think I have decided that this Strawberry Fields quilt should be re-named Tea Party Quilt...

It is turning out to be a very feminine quilt ....

Delicate Hokkoh....

So - of course - in honor of the Tea Party quilt....I had to make Blueberry Muffins :)

A girl has to keep her strength know.....

I hope you are having a lovely Thursday....maybe I will have some blocks all sewn together to show you soon {and yes the pickle-dish is almost all quilted}....

Flanders and I wish you a happy Thursday!!!



  1. i love mary's beard! (there's a sentence i've never said before...)

    those blocks are gorgeous.

  2. Hahahaha! Kelly, that is Flanders :) I don't have a beard yet - but I am getting there!!! Hahaha! You put a smile on my face :)

  3. Oh..... Flower Sugar is just what I need. I've been trying to figure out what to do with focal blocks in a quilt for my daughter. I'm using fussy cut pieces of her crib bedding, but I don't have enough for all the blocks I need for a full size quilt. How big are the centers of those blocks?

    I love a full on feminine quilt. Nothing wrong with a whole lot of pink!

  4. Oh Mary! Can I come and have a tea party with you when that beautiful quilt is finished! It is going to be stunning!

  5. I need a 8 inch center square, so that scale would work just fine on my quilt. I had decided to mix in some pinwheel blocks for centers. Now I need to rethink. hmmm...

  6. So pretty .... sweet fabrics too.
    I nearly made this quilt for my daughter ... I'm sure when I see yours I'll be sorry I didn't.

  7. There was a time long ago when I would have turned my nose up at such a feminine quilt. Thank God our tastes evolve. Now I just want to eat it up! Beautiful!

  8. Thanks Jenny! I know - this is certainly not my usual quilt, but it is very soothing and peaceful. That's a good thing!!!

  9. 5am!?! I thought I was an early bird for considering 6:30am a reasonable time to start the day. I bet you get loads done - I'm always a bit of a waste of space from about 7pm, so if I don't get things done early in the day, there's no benefit in staying up late to achieve.

  10. Hi Jo...yep I can't do much in the evening...I am just pooped. And it does take a few cups of coffee to get me juiced in the morning!!!

  11. I love this quilt so far! The blocks are so cute and I love the pattern.
    Also, I'm jealous of your day. I would love to stay home and quilt and bake. Someday I'll get a free day like that...
    keep up the beautiful work!