Friday, February 11, 2011

Stitchin' for a busy weekend....

Just a little hand quilting on the pickle-dish....and almost finished with the Union Jack....
I know you have heard it before....but I really do love hand quilting....and although I started out some 20+ years ago only quilting in the traditional way with tiny needles and marking my quilt top...I can't get over how much I love the perle cotton and stitches that make a statement.
I do still machine definitely saves time...but if I have the time I enjoy hand quilting - plus - it keeps you warm on these cold Ohio days!!!

We have a busy weekend in store....classes....working...visiting with the g'ma's and building up to the BIG DAY.... that's Maggie will be 21!!!  On Valentines Day!!!  Oh my goodness!!!
So not much will get done this weekend....just celebrating...
Have a wonderful pre-Valentines Day weekend!!!


  1. I'm (sloooooowly) hand quilting a hexagon quilt in perle cotton, and I'm on the whole loving it, but I wish I'd started with bigger stitches instead of trying to keep them too neat and trim, as I now feel I have to continue like that! Love the look of your longer statement stitches.

  2. Yay Mary! How lovely your quilting is ... makes me want to turn off the puter and go straight to the stash :)

    Congrats to your lovely girl too ... 21 eh? bet it just feels like yesterday eh?


  3. You've inspired me to try the hand quilting with perle cotton on my doll quilt! My daughter turns 20 this weekend (!) Have a great one!

  4. Angie....Happy B'day to your daughter! I think you will love the hand stitching.

    THanks Sarah! Get off the computer and get sewing! And she is truly a lovely girl...I can't even tell you how special she is...we are blessed :)

    Jo - are you too far along to pull out the stitching and start over? I know that sounds like a horrible option...sorry. I can't wait to see your hexagon quilt!!!

    Sorry to put all the responses in one post...but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the comment emails to come to me without a no-reply blogger in the address. If anyone has a fix for this I would love to give it a try :)

  5. My son will be 21 on Sunday! Can you believe it? How did that happen so quickly ....

  6. I love your hand quilting Mary !!
    I can only hope that someday I'll have the patience for it !!

  7. What a pretty daughter you have! Love the hand quilting too!

  8. Love the photos of your pickle dish with the hand stitching!
    So if you had a vintage grandmother's flower garden quilt top (hand pieced) would you hand quilt it with perle cotton?
    Your daughter is lovely - enjoy the wonderful weekend with her!

  9. Hi Mary...I would definitely hand stitch a vintage flower garden. Traditionally that would be stitched with cotton thread, but I think the perle would be fun. It would certainly give a very traditional quilt a kick...sort of Anthropology style!! Ohhh....all this is making me want to do one! Have a great weekend Mary!

  10. your quilt is is your daughter! My son will also be 21 in 2 weeks! Time flies huh? Enjoy