Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane....

If you have not checked out Lynne's blog at Lily's Quilts...pop over and enjoy all the lovely inspiration.  For the past week Lynne has been inviting bloggers to add photos and links to their favorite quilts, blocks and now "things".....
This got me thinking about the "things" I have made.  "Things" are fun since they take considerably less time than quilts.  "Things" often turn into a "practice" session for an idea.  So "things" can sometimes become a happy accident!!!  
Since I have several "things" I made before (and after) I had a blog....I will share a few here....

Katie's Cathedral Window Pillow...

This sweet block was embroidered using a Jenny Hart design {bird}....I added the extra embroidery embellishments...the block is a traditional quilt block...then this became a pillow that sits on my bed everyday...I am so glad I made this block/pillow...I do love it!

These little cones were stuffed with candies and a pin cushion for Christmas gifts...I love the kitty, bow fabric teamed with the oval cute!

This little pin cushion was the result of an evening of play...

So pop over to Lily's Quilts and check out all the fantastic well as Lynne's amazing work!!!  Her blog is lovely and her ideas and sewing magnificent!  Have fun!


  1. Everything is so lovely! You've sure made some pretty things. I love the quilt the little house pin cushion is sitting on also.

  2. Thanks Molly...that was made with all Nicey Jane!! I think that is one of the few lines that I love every single print!!

  3. Oh yay, what a great post and thank you for linking back - love all of them but that pincushion is my fave - fabulous

  4. Lovely cathedral pillow! And I adore that cute little house pin cushion!

  5. That little house pincushion is darling.

  6. Gosh you make pretty 'stuff'! The fabric cone is fabulous!

  7. Everything is Beautiful and your pin cushion is sooooo darnnnnn it!

  8. Beautiful cathedral pillow! How beautiful? My husband just walked in behind me and commented "cool pillow. you should make a pillow like that."

  9. As a newbie to your blog, ahhh, I love it all! It's so pretty! ♥

  10. that is such a cute little pincushion, i love it!