Friday, August 26, 2011

Brain Drain....

Ahhhh....I just can't seem to stick to just one project at a time.  In fact, I can't seem to stick to two or three projects at a time.  I am just going to tell myself this latest dip into the quilt pool is just for fun....we will see where it goes from there.
I have been looking at Pinterest...which can be a great source of inspiration....and if you are like me, it can also be torture.  There are so many amazing quilts, and crafts, food....goodness! 
Found a quilt I rather like....

So with my trusty freezer paper I have been trying to figure out what seems like a simple block....block seems fairly simple, but how the quilt goes together turns out to be a bit baffling.

It is a vintage quilt and I am fairly certain it was hand pieced.  Honestly, I think it would be easier to piece together by hand. 

I am really not certain how the rows are added....I can't see how it is done without a Y-seam....again, I think this would have been easier to put together by hand.  Some things just are. 

I will keep working with it and then I will post more proper pictures.  It is awfully cute....very scrappy and patchwork-y and cute :)

And speaking of UN-CHEERY Basket Quilt is sporting one of my favorite Liberty fabrics....I only had a tiny bit left so this sweet little basket gets to wear it!

Busy weekend ahead for us...hope you have fun plans as well...
mary :)


  1. Your hints are tantalizing! Could you make a seam in the white squares and still get the same effect w/o the Y-seams? Your little basket is a dandy!

  2. hehe I am so into pinterest, I've not been reading blogs!!

    It all looks very interesting.

    Who needs brain training when you are a quilter!

  3. Those baskets are looking so cute...oops I mean uncheery! Looking forward to seeing what you are playing with. I cannot settle at one thing at present...I have so much half done and just can't finish...scrambled brain perhaps?

  4. As usual Mary you are piquing my interest with your sneaky peeks - either that or I am just plain nosy! Ok I am! Love those baskets and your colours - so restrained??? Keep waiting for you to break out in hot pink!

  5. I agree with Clare- who needs brain training when we have quilt puzzles to mull over! Of course I'm loving your sneak peak quilt because it is in that beautiful fabric which you made my pin cushion from! Looking forward to seeing what develops!

  6. I'm loving your hints! That is also one of my favourite ever Liberty prints, I have 3.5yds of it waiting for the perfect dress pattern.

  7. You're good at keeping us in suspense! Hmmm I wonder...
    Such a sweet Liberty basket!