Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crazy Quilting!

You may recall, my daughter, the lovely Miss Molly is making her first ever quilt...
The vision in her head was a Dresden Plate in the center surrounded by quarter Dresdens....

And, of course, the best part of it would be the crazy-like embroidery she would add to the top...
Well the top is together and the mayhem has begun!

Trust me...this process has been very dicey at times!  I really expected to find it shredded and in the trash last weekend.  There were desperate texts describing how nothing on this quilt worked....points didn't line up, blocks didn't line up....oh my!  
But it is coming together and I can't wait to see it finished....

After we she had started this Crazy Dresden {and I mean that with love in my heart} friend called me to tell me her mother had given her a Crazy Quilt and maybe Molly would like to see it....

It would be pointless for me to try to describe to you how beautiful and detailed this quilt is.  The quilt is about 130 yrs. old and was made by my friend's Great Grandmother shortly after she married.

Crazy quilts of the Victorian Era were not large.  And they almost always consisted of just a top and a backing fabric.  Instead of being quilted they were held together with embroidery stitches.

And boy did she know some stitches!  She embroidered the most intricate scenes in the odd shaped pieces....

Like this.....

The fabrics she used were fabulous.....silks, satins, a chenille looking fabric, velvet and even a piece of her wedding dress!
And then there was the painting!

It was a thrill to see!
So take heart are in very good company indeed!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. This is such a great reminder of what a quilt is actually meant to be! Can't wait to see Molly's 21st century version!

  2. That quilt is amazing! Thank you for posting those photos. :) Molly's quilt looks like it's coming right along. Looking forward to seeing the end result! :)

  3. Molly is doing a mighty fine job on this quilt. Can't wait to see it as it progresses...

  4. What a treat to see the Crazy Quilt! Don't you just wish that you knew how long she worked on it and where, or IF, she got her patterns. Love it!

  5. Now that is what I would call a labour of love!! Linda

  6. Such intricate embroidery and such perfect stitching! Molly must have been inspired. Love all those different stitches! Don't recognise many...

    Please tell Molly to take heart and keep going as when it isn't quite straightforward that is when we learn the most - or so I find!

  7. My, what a treasure! I'm sure it will be enough to inspire Molly to complete her 'Crazy Dresden"!!

  8. Amazing it survived.

    I recently found a quilt on flickr that has sweet emboideries similar to this.
    Have a look it's awesome.


  9. Thank you so much for sharing this. What an amazing quilt. So many little details. I bet you just wanted to look at it for hours! We're cheering you on Molly!! Your quilt is going to be stunning, I just know it!!

  10. Truely stunning, such intricate detail. Do hope Miss Molly will be inspired!

  11. Tell Molly not to fret. I recently finished my first Dresden Quilt and it took me a good 5 months to hand stitch everything and at times I wanted to throw it out the window, but now it is so pretty I love it!

  12. Oh My Goodness! I am in love! That "old" but loved quilt is fantastic, Mary, and thanks for sharing! Your daughter is determined, and that's wonderful, too!

  13. her quilt is going to be just as spectacular!

  14. ooh such loveliness Mary, I love the old loved crazy quilt - some of that embroidery is truly lovely ... and can't wait to see more of Molly's - she's so talented! Guess it runs in the family big time! xx

  15. is this the one Molly...? or something else.?