Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coin Quilt....

Lest you think I have been sitting back with my feet up and eating bon bons, while Molly does all the heavy lifting.....hee, hee....well maybe I have just a little ;)

My little sample for the shoppe is finished....pieced, quilted, bound and delivered....

This is a Coin Quilt using the very sweet Birch fabric....Storyboek.....
This quilt has 5 stacks of coins separated by a lovely muted grey whale fabric...

I quilted this with Aurifil 12 wt. cotton thread in an ivory color....BTW.....look for an exciting giveaway coming soon!!!!
This is a heavier thread than I usually quilt with {in the machine} so I was a little worried that it may just shred as it passed through the needle...but Aurifil is such fantastic thread it worked like a dream!!!

After machine quilting with 'organic' straight lines....I added several rows of pick stitching with perle cotton.  The pick stitching travels in the opposite direction of the machine quilting.

I used white kona for the back, pieced with selections of Storyboek....

added a little log cabin...

And, inspired by Molly, I pieced the binding....

I have to say...I love the materials used in this quilt.  From the Organic Birch Fabric {I wish you could feel this fabric}, to the AMAZING Aurifil thread, to the sweet added touch of Valdani Perle Cotton....

This was a great quick I need to get back to my spiderweb quilt....
and my Grandmother's Flower Garden....whew!
So stay tuned....I will be conducting my first ever giveaway {details coming soon}.... yee-haw!

I leave you with one last look at the Storyboek Coin Quilt...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. What a fantastic quilt! I love the touches of handquilting you added. I ordered more of the DMC perle 8 and stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased some colors, instead of all whites. :o) I just want to stare at them, they are so yummy! ;o)
    Have a super week!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. I love the quilting on this--that thread is amazing.

  3. Lovely quilt - love those colours you used Mary! Would make a gorgeous baby quilt...being organic fabric.

  4. It is a darling quilt, and your quilting is wonderful, as always : ) I have a question for you wash your quilts when you finish quilting? I am curious about the machine and hand quilting going through the washer and dryer.(sorry, sorta boring)

  5. This quilt is just yummy. It looks cuddly, just like you would like to wrap up in it. They will love it at the store.

  6. Hi Elizabeth! Not a boring question at fact a great question. So I thought I would answer it here as well as to you personally. I did not pre-wash my fabrics. After quilting and binding, I threw this in the washer on cold and added a color catcher sheet {something I didn't do until now...I like to live on the edge...heh heh}. Then once washed I popped it in the dryer on low. It came out just fine! And crinkly, quilty good in fact! Mary :)

  7. I have been dying to try the heavier you mind if I ask what stitch length you used to quilt it? It is just darling!

  8. Straight line quilting with additonal handquilting - sigh! Lovely quilt to say :) This is still on my list - maybe next year ....

  9. I especially love your colour choice- blue, lemon, grey and orange! And adding some hand quilting at the end just finishes it off beautifully! It looks SO soft, I can nearly feel it!

  10. You girls have been very busy! Lovely quilts...I always like coin quilts and I love that whale print.

  11. Hi Cherie, I lengthened my stitch to 3.5. And I did not use the heavy thread in my bobbin of course. I was set to change my needle to one with a larger a metallic needle, but I didn't need to! Just used a Universal.

  12. I think the combination of machine quilting and perle cotton is beautiful. I would love to get a little bit of that fabric line. We're going through Paso Robles (CA) next weekend, home of Birch fabrics, so I can hopefully pop in and grab a bit without paying for shipping!

  13. mary, your quilt is really cute! I just recently got some Aurifil and am using the 50wt. for quilting my Baptist fans....Love it!

  14. I love what you did with the quilting!

  15. What a gorgeous sweet quilt. It looks so soft and inviting! I've been seeing those fabrics pop up here and there on the internet and they're just so sweet. I really love your quilting, the Aurofil 12 looks great, and it's always fun quilting in perle. Now it's done you can put you feet up and eat bon bons! ;-)