Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Way Down Yonder in the Paw-Paw Patch....

When I was a young college student studying to be an Elementary School teacher....I applied to be a part of a select group of students that would learn and teach Education Through the Arts...
The idea was simple...take a concept and develop lessons to teach that concept using all forms of art.  So we were dancing, singing, drawing, painting and acting our way through the multiplication tables!

It made so much sense to me - in fact, my own children didn't realize it, but I taught them {before sending them off to kindergarten} using the same techniques.  

I think I approach quilting much the same way....
I have baskets on my mind this week - partly to blame on Molly {love the name} and her sweet little quilt....

So I have been making baskets....

Baskets with Rik-Rak....and baskets from Dresdens....

This basket idea has been floating around in my I used a bit of my Birch fabric, part of an old vintage table cloth and dress it up with some lace, ball fringe and of course, Rik-Rak!!!  Maybe a bit too fussy....

But my real purpose for working with baskets is to develop a quilt for my living room.  I have a large wall space that has always had a quilt hanging.  Right now I have my Cheery Dresden Plate, but my children complain that it is just too cheery.  So I have been thinking about what would suit this space and my tastes, but for goodness sake not be too cheery!

When I stumbled upon Molly's {Country Hill} quilt I thought that just may be the ticket...

So I gathered some off whites and linens.  I do love a pieced gives a quilt texture and depth....

And I began piecing baskets....

I am fighting the urge to use dots and bright is a struggle...LOL!

But I do love subdued tones...and the whimsy of these liberated baskets....

Oh, and the Paw-Paw.....that was a song my mom sang to us when we were little.  In the song you would put them in your pocket, but I suppose you could put them in a basket :)
Happy Tuesday....I just felt the earth shake a bit ago...a 5.9 earthquake in D.C.!


  1. Wouldn't designing and writing a pattern for a quilt be a great math exercise. I know it gives my brain a workout. Good luck being "dull". :)

  2. Great idea! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments about my Halloween project. :)


  3. Oh Mary! Where do I start? I remember the Paw Paw Patch song from when I was little!!!!! Now I will be singing it ALL day, trying to remember more of the words, too! Your basket quilt is going to be lovely! How dare those daughters of yours accuse you of being TOO cheery! Maybe suggest they find their own 'dreary' living room, (nicely, of course)! Thank you for sending me across to Country Hill blog- it's great! And you're into PinInterest! I don't dare start, I already spend too much time on this darn computer!! Happy days! (Oh, no thread coming to the Southern Hemisphere! Boo Hoo!)

  4. I just read about the earthquake! Crazy that it's in the other part of the nation, not here in California...

    Your baskets are so cute!

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  6. I once read an article in a quilt magazine about "low volume" your simply peaceful and calming are so wise when we actually hear them. Thanks for sharing!

  7. love the colors in the basket quilt...hope the kids love it too!

  8. Still cute but more this the new you Mary!??

  9. I like the baskets... but, too cheery??? they complain that something is too cheery? LOL Put them a little black and gray on the wall. :o) I felt the earthquake here in NC too.... scared me... I thought someone was breaking in the back door of the house!

  10. Someone needs to inform the earthquake that it's on the wrong coast! You live on the safe one.

  11. I think this basket quilt is going to be fantastic.

  12. I think the kids will find the mellow subdued tones easy to live with but I had to laugh at too cheery. The pieced backgrounds are going to create a lot of interest, I love that.

  13. Feeling mellow now?
    It looks very contempory Mary!
    No more jazzy quilts?
    Polka dots? :(

    Clare xx

  14. Did I know you were in DC? I live out at Dulles airport.. the ground rocking! my post .. my survivor story.. my mom said I need a t-shirt!

  15. Oh goodness. That is a real sweet quilt. :o)
    My husband has been in and out of DC so many times this summer. I bet you are not use to having the ground shake beneath your feet. ;o) Being from N.CA I grew up with tremors, but must have been so scary for you all in DC area. So glad you are well! :o)

  16. Will you please stop with all this goodness! The ideas are wonderful and I want to make one of everything!

  17. You are funny! Family complaining about too cheery a quilt, so you make a totally cheery but less bright one! I love it.

  18. These baskets although not bright are very sweet. Love the ric rac!!!