Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tiny Tutorial Tuesday.....

I needed to sew a few little bags to use in my my post yesterday was a bag I made for me....

This one is big enough to hold my plastic templates that I use for this quilt.....

And these are examples of the bags I will be using in my classes...


They are very easy to make and yet can really come in handy....for templates, spools of thread and a little pair of scissors, your precious and semi-precious stones {hee hee}!!!
So, I think a tiny tute is in order....

I cut my rectangle for the body of the bag 10" X 11".  The body will be folded in half so you can easily make this any size you need.

Measure down 1.5 inches from the top on both sides and make a mark 1/4 inch from both sides in toward the center of the bag....1/4 inch because this is your seam allowance.

Clip this 1/4 inch....

Then fold the top - just slightly - and press....

Fold all across the top at the clipped 1/4 inch mark, open up that fold and bring the folded edge at the very top down to meet the crease at the 1/4 mark and press....

Stitch along this folded edge....close to the edge.  This is the casing for your ribbon.
At this point, I stitched my words and embellished the front.  Keeping in mind this will be folded in you want to be sure you are adding the adornments on the front!  

Take the body of the bag and fold in half...stitch from the clipped 1/4 inch mark to the bottom of the bag...pivot and continue stitching across the bottom.

Turn the bag inside out and string your ribbon through the casing!
And there you have a very simple bag :)

plate by Molly...high school ceramics class ;)

I have to show you a little of the lovely fabric that came in to the shoppe this week....
I just can't wait to cut into it....

This is from Birch....

So sweet!
Happy Tuesday everyone!
mary :)


  1. Ah, templates! Such a great little bag. I need to make one for my Farmer's Wife templates instead of putting them in a white envelope. Great Birch fabric!

  2. LOVE the bags...and the hexes...and expecially your polka dot yoyos on your header!!!!!

  3. Ah, templates!!!! Silly me! I think I am going to make some of these and THEN think about what I will put in them! Definitely my precious gems! Or my tea bags that sit at my work station! Stay tuned!

  4. Thanks for sharing Mary, it's a great idea for templates. I'm always misplacing mine. You can't have too many pouches or bags.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial - reminds me that I used to make party bags for the kids parties using this style and others.

    Ok so it's templates in the bag! I get it!

  6. What a great idea for templates!! I love your stitched word and choice of embellishment! You're so wonderful for doing these wonderful tutorials for us!

  7. Love the pebbly looking fabric, and I love how you snook that hex picture in!!

    Thanks for your admiration, I'm sure I dont deserve it.

    I'm keeping this one simple, so I can have a go at some proper hand quilting ala 'molly flanders'.
    I think I might keep it neutral too,
    though not sure.

    I was also wondering if I could keep the scalloped edge...
    I knew I should have emailed you LOL xx

  8. I really enjoyed this page, it was wonderful to see your day of first and to see all the information your provided. Thank you I will be back and refer back here often!

  9. Great tutorial, I'm planning to make lots of bags this Christmas for 'wrapping' gifts in (I know it's a bit away but my mind is wandering in that direction these days). I've only been away from my Google Reader for a couple fo weeks and blimey Mary, you have by far the most posts! I look forward to reading the rest :)