Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flea Market Finds - Part 2.... AND MORE!!!

In my last post about the Springfield Extravaganza, I showed you the sweet apron fabric.  Well it has already begun it's new life {for a later posting}....but there are a few other finds I want to show you...

one more look at the apron fabric :)

I found this piece of red and white buffalo it!

We arrived at the market Sunday afternoon.  The vendors had been there since Thursday evening so they were ready to pack up and go home.  I am sure we missed a lot of fantastic finds, but by Sunday afternoon the vendors were willing to give us a bargain price!  So I found a very large quilt....not in good shape but that is what I wanted.  I wanted one that was well worn so I could cut it up without the guilt. 

Love the little dark blue triangle.  I have lots of plans floating around for this quilt.  It is completely hand quilted so it will make a lovely base for some embroidery, etc.

This was only about $10.00 and it is a full size quilt....cha-ching!

Vendors at Springfield come from all over the country, but we met a lovely couple from Ohio....just west of us.  They had a load of items....quilts, quilt blocks, just tables and tables of things.  I picked up a quilt and turned it over and over looking for a price.  The vendor told me her mom missed marking a few things and she would put $50 on this quilt.  My mind did some flips and I tried not to look shocked!  I was holding a queen size double wedding ring.  Completely hand pieced and hand quilted.  Scalloped borders with a lovely lavender binding....I could not pass up that price!

It is barely worn and I would guess it was done in the 30's from the is simply lovely!

I can tell someone loved making this quilt....what gorgeous borders....

This bit of wear on the binding is the extent of the damage.  I think someone took good care of it for a very long time :)

That's it for my finds....
In my last post I teased you with a look at a little project I have been working on.  I found this whole cloth quilt pattern in a book full of Scandinavian Clare Youngs.  I am using a large lemon yellow check {flannel} and quilting a heart design in the center.  The directions call for transferring the design with transfer carbon, but I have never had much luck with transfer carbon.  And I didn't really want to mark the I thought I would give this technique a try.  You can find it here.... demonstrated by Leila of Where the Orchids Grow.  

I traced the design onto a tissue-like paper.  This one is actually designed for machine quilting...I don't have the original wrapper, but I think it is called Golden Threads.  Then pin the paper to the quilt {all three layers are basted together}.  And stitch just as you would normally stitch.  I will be demonstrating quilting with perle cotton to a group of quilters and I thought this would be a fun option to show.
If you look closely at the design there is a row of French Knots and a row of Lazy Daisy like flowers...I will add those at the end after I take the paper off.

Well, yesterday I received a package from Australia....I was so excited I forgot to take a proper picture of the I have recreated it here! Hee hee!  The French postcard is an early Happy Birthday wish to me.... 

In the year I have been blogging I have gotten to know several bloggers that I just adore!  I can just tell if we were located in the same town we would be stitching together and having a great time.  Suz is my sweet friend from Australia!  {But you all know that and her wonderful blog...PatchworknPlay}  We began corresponding when I reached out to her for some help with quilt instructions {don't you love it when the instructions are wrong}......and we haven't stopped emailing each other almost daily.  I must say, that is one of the most wonderful things about blogging - that there is a common thread {excuse the pun} that winds through these connections and pulls us together in friendship.  Okay...sorry...sounds like a Hallmark card....but you get the idea.

Suz is one talented lady!  Not only is she a master quilter, but she can knit!  Yahoo!  And I am the recipient of a lovely knitted scarf.....

I have been drooling over a similar scarf from Anthropologie...but this one is so much better....because it was made just for me by a friend :)

And if that wasn't enough....a very precious hankie made with Liberty fabric!  Oh my!  I am so spoiled now....I will be sneezing in style this winter!!!

I am such a lucky girl!!!  Thank you Suz....I am sending you a big hug!!!

Are you still with me?  I know this is a super long post and you are ready for me to just zip it!!!
But I have to tell you....the friendships are not just of the bloggy nature.  I have a dear friend whom I met through the shoppe and quilt classes....Mary Jo.  We had a class last night and at the end of the evening Mary Jo hands me a bundle of fabric! 

Wow!  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me :)  I love them all!
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I can't get past the amazing double wedding ring quilt - what a fantastic buy!!!

  2. score on the quilts, especially that double wedding ring!!! LOVE IT!

  3. And you are generous to your friends too.
    Thanks for the picture of the quilts -wow. Hope someone doesn't try to take it
    Love love the scarf.
    Thanks for the class, as always, I enjoyed.

  4. What a happy find!!!!! WOW! I need to find the flea market here!!!! I am not sure I could EVER sneeze on that Liberty fabric,lol!

  5. Ooh lush!
    I only stopped by to read up on hand quilting.
    Some lovely finds Mary.

  6. ohhhh love the quilts, fabric, market finds, the scarf...I could go on and on. I love how you share all these so we can love them too!!

  7. I enjoyed your post from top to bottom Mary (and everything in between)!

  8. My- that double wedding ring quilt! Better than winning the lotto (...almost!) And binding is the easiest of all to fix on a quilt! Those fabrics from Mary Jo are wonderful too! Loving that you love your special birthday goodies!

  9. Congratulations on your wonderful bargain finds. Its nice to know the wedding ring quilt has gone to someone who will appreciate it. And that you'll give the triangle quilt a new lease of life. I agree with your Hallmark sentiments about blogging friendships, and quilting friendships!! Wonderful birthday gifts!! Happy birthday!!!

  10. When's the day then Mary!? Great finds - and pressies! How well deserved! Hugs for that 21st again when it comes!

  11. What a find , that Double Wedding Ring quilt .... love it to bits !!
    Can't wait to see that whole cloth finished xx

  12. Boy oh Boy did you ever hit the jackpot!! double wedding ring is one of my all time favorites...and yours is perfection!! and your beautiful scarf....the blog land is really a special place.....yea for you!! I am going to check our your friends site! thanks!!

  13. this post just brightened up my evening. Friends, near and far, are the best!

  14. Love your great finds. And that scarf made by your friend? Wow. I'm putting that flea market in Springfield on my to-do list!

  15. Can't wait to see how your paper quilting works out for you!
    I'm still quilting my big quilt and getting tired of sweeping up the little snippets everywhere lol!

  16. Lovely loot and that quilt is an amazing find!

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