Monday, September 26, 2011

Projects, projects....

I have quite a few little gift projects going... for many here is just a little preview...

I don't mean to be so sneaky but I can't spoil the surprises.....
By-the-way....I love these hat pins....the color and the shape :) 

I began cutting into this far-too-gone vintage quilt...a gift for a special friend.....

And my court house steps are growing.....

I have ordered and received a few fun Japanese fabrics!

And I am getting ready to teach this class....
If you would like to see a fun picture of my last class....check out Julie's  These women were so much fun and what fantastic pillows!!!
Happy Monday!
mary :)


  1. swoon. swoon. and more swoon! :o)

  2. I love the frog plate. It would make a nice addition to my frog collection lol.

  3. Your photos are wonderful! I wish I could creep in, like Goldilocks, and have a bit more of a look! Please neglect all chores, including feeding, cleaning, bathing and sleeping until these projects are complete! Please!

  4. Fun projects. Those Japanese fabric are adorable!

  5. Yummy!! What a lot of fabulous projects!! I love the little umbrella fabrics, so cute!

  6. Oh Mary you continue with your little teases - You know how nosy I am - I want to see it all! the courthouse in yellow makes the sun shine!

  7. It's all looking great Mary! I must revise my project to-do list because it is getting out of control! ;) LOL

  8. I really like the last quilt - it is gorgeous.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  9. i wish i was homeless and could live on your court house steps! so beautiful! again, i wish i lived where you do so i could take all of your classes. ;)

  10. Oh I love the Japanese fabrics, I haven't bought any in ages as I'm mostly working in tana lawn and tweed, I feel inspired to hunt some similar ones down! Bethx

  11. Love it!

    I signed up for the class on Friday! Cannot wait :). Need a little time sewing with friends!


  12. Everything is fabulous but I'm so smitten with the courthouse steps, sigh.

  13. Lovely, but I just ADORE that chameleon plate...where did you get it?