Friday, September 9, 2011

Fussy {Cutting}

My dear friend Mary Jo introduced me to this sweet fabric.... Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman....
Sweet thoughts on a difficult weekend....

this weekend is the 10th. year since September 11th.....     


  1. Its very cute. Hope the weekend goes ok. xo

  2. Love your hexies~ they look so very sweet!

  3. I am so sorry that you are having a difficult weekend. You are in my heart and prayers.
    Your fussy cutting is super cute. :o)
    hugs. Trish

  4. Love the fussy cutting. Good luck this weekend...

  5. Wonderful fussy hexis!! It's fun how it looks like it's an pretty outfit for the rooster. It's strange to think it's been ten years.

  6. Beautiful are in my thoughts!

  7. Of course I love the block.

    10 years ago after the shock wore off I needed to made something. --I can not even remember what it was--

    Working on a project is such a powerful way to heal.

    I hope we all have a peaceful weekend.

  8. I hope your weekend is filled with peace and pretty things. I can't believe it's been ten years.

  9. such sweet fabrics.

    10 did the time fly by like that? It still feels like yesterday and I don't think any other event has shocked me as much, or could ever shock me as much. Even now when I see the same footage I've seen a thousand times it still catches in my throat and I feel my eyes prickle.

  10. I HATE it when they keep replaying the planes going through the Towers...I just refuse to watch it, because it is already permanently etched on my mind. My hubby was in hospital at the time, nearly dead from a heart attack. It was the worst week of my life.
    May God keep America safe this weekend, and into the future.

  11. Hey Mary! That hexy is too cute! Will look lovely with the others!

    Time does not stand still and what a lot has happened in the world since then. Sadly more war seems to have been one consequence and with it more loss of life! Wish we could all co-exist peacefully...

  12. While surfing the net and trying to stay cool, I've been enjoying your blog. Great fabrics and I especially like your spiderweb quilt.
    best from Tunisia,

  13. i have said it before... i love watching your garden grow.

    i have been very emotional this week/weekend. i have been watching everything i can about 9/11 and it still breaks my heart. i think the memorial is breathtaking. they couldn't have picked a better design.

  14. I cant believe it's ten years.
    We were getting breakfast in Boston.

    Thinking of you all xx