Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We're Having A Party!!! And I am going to Show Off my Best Bits!!!

That's right!  A Party!  Suz of PatchworknPlay and I are having a party and you are all invited to join in!!!  All you need to bring are your BEST BITS!!!
Okay...I know what you are thinking....but this is a quilting blog so we will keep it of the quilty nature.....
We all have our favorite little BITS of fabric that we are hanging on to or using in only the most precious projects....some are tacked to the bulletin board or taped to the machine! 
I have a tiny scrap of fabric that I cherish....literally a 1 1/2 inch square scrap pinned to my ironing board....
So get ready and take some pictures of your treasured fabrics....on Friday the 16th. you will have a place to link up your favorite bits!

And so I don't leave you without any are a few new fabrics I picked up over the weekend...destined for a very special project...

I love this orange-y red and it matches perfectly with Michael Miller's tiny gingham in Fire!!!

So don't forget...take pictures of your favorite scraps of fabric...those bits you have been hanging on to or that yardage you just can't cut....and meet us here on Friday for the fun!!!


  1. Sounds (& looks!) like fun--I'm in. See ya Friday :-)

  2. Great timing! I'll be there! ;-))

  3. oh that sounds like fun! i have lots of bits!!
    love your polka dot fabric!

  4. this sounds fun. i will gather my best and post on friday. :)

  5. What are you up to now Mary? I will search through my scrap bags in anticipation!

  6. I'll be at your party waving my bits... Of fabric around! Are those big red and aqua dots by Nani Iro? I really like your new combo..

  7. Fun! Some of my bits are a bit larger than bits--due to the fact that I love them so much and haven't cut into them yet. Why do I do this??They need to be made into something!

  8. brill idea ... see ya Friday! ooh what to choose? ... what to choose?

  9. Hermoso tu blog y tus trabajos ! un beso grande