Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Inspiration....

I love books....especially quilting books....
I have purchased a couple in the last few weeks that are stuffed full of inspiration....

These aren't new publications, but definitely a great resource for future {and current} quilting projects.

This is by Maggie Malone {gotta love the name}...the book is full - cover to cover - of quilt blocks.  It does not include patterns for the blocks, but is divided into sections based on the grid with which the block is drafted.  I think the grid helps make the blocks easier to draft on your own.

The other is a Kaffe Fassett from 2001.  I have a few of his books, but this one has vintage quilts and it is more for could you not be inspired by Kaffee Fassett?

Not much else going on....
I have been fussing with some arcs today :)

Again...another cool autumn-like day.....yippeee!!!


  1. Love your new header Mary - that bambi looks so shocked - what happened!??

    Already a fan of Kaffe Fassett - started with his knitting books! Don't know the other one...

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  3. Thanks for the book suggestions. :o)
    I am really loving this fine weather.
    The windows are open and I am getting outdoors every chance I get! :o)

  4. I LOVE your new header!! That Kaffe Fasset book is my favourite of his. It's one I return to for colour inspiration just for the love of looking at quilts. I've got a big book of blocks by Jinny Beyer that I enjoy flicking through. It's full of post it notes for all the blocks I'd like to make. Your arcs are looking lovely. I wonder what fun thing you'll make with those...

  5. I LOVE your new header! Brought a smile to my face immediately! 5 and a half thousand block designs! No wonder we quilters suffer from ADHD! We will never have enough hours to make everything that entices us. I also have some Kaffe books - so inspiring! Your srtipey/checky arcs are lovely!

  6. I love quilting books too....have two Kaffe books with me on vacation! My latest purchace is Thinking Outside the Block by Sandi Cummings...on Amazon for $6.95! It is a great one for modern quilt ideas. Your arcs look interesting!

  7. I adore Kaffe Fassetts quilts, he is such an inspiration. Loving your arcs!

  8. Really love the arcs, I am still shy about doing curves...need to overcome that!

  9. i love to get books too! however, i have found that i drive myself crazy, because i don't have the time to make ALL my favorites projects. patience, right? i miss seeing you... maybe i will drop by the shop. and, by the way, love the checks in your arcs.

  10. I just received Kaffe's book on quilts from Sweden. I have most of his books--SO inspirational! If I'm having an "iffy" day, it makes you feel better by just looking at all the luscious photographs!