Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All is Quiet....Everyone is Studying for Finals....SHHHHH!!! has been like an abandoned city about my house as everyone is preparing for finals!!! I love it....
So today { I need to clean :) }  I made my binding...I will sew it on later and then hand stitch the binding on the back tonight.

I couldn't find the same spot I used for the eyes of the pickle-dish, but a smaller spot that I think will actually work better...

I finished all the quilting....whew....and I love the back just as much as the front....

And I cut a few of the wedges for the QAL and checked them with the background fabric...I think I am on the right track....YAY!!!

I am off to add my binding and then clean the bathrooms....ugh....don't you feel bad for me???


  1. I feel your pain! I have to clean the bathrooms today least favorite chore! I love your fabrics for the quilt along!

  2. love your pickledish back Mary!

    Also the Lily's QAL wedges are looking fabtastic ... Oh this will be such fun!

  3. Love the beautiful!
    Ughh, our bathrooms are long overdue for a cleaning too...don't remind me!

  4. Bindings...bathrooms...bindings...bathrooms? I know what I'd choose! Look forward to seeing Pickledish finished!

  5. I'd rather play with fabric than do chores so I'm ignoring the housework and hoping nobody visits. I love your bee plate as well as the binding and I just love the texture of perle quilting.

  6. I love your hand quilting and look forward to seeing the finished project. How I adore dots! I've had the dusting spray sitting in my bedroom for weeks now without using it! Terrible!!

  7. You always combine your fabrics so beautifully! and oh your stitching! I could look {..stare..drool..} at it all day! yeah...I should be cleaning, but it's ohh sooo late {yawn} ;) and really has anyone ever seen a "I'd rather be cleaning" sign of any kind?... nope. :)

  8. I am hoping to avoid cleaning my bathroom until my mother visits (hey, I'm heavily pregnant, I'm allowed to be a pain in the neck). Your quilting is beautiful, and I can't wait to see those wedges sewn together into a block!

  9. hee hee....that sounds like a plan!!! But I am beyond being able to use pregnancy as an excuse:) I just made myself do it and now they are clean for a little while. I like the wedges too - still need a few more fabrics.