Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Business....

It was a busy fun weekend around here...I had a great class on Friday night...then Saturday the shoppe - Sew To Speak -  { where I work and teach }  celebrated a 3rd. year with a Tea Party....remember the apron I made?  It was a fun and busy day...with giveaways and treats.  And best of all lots of good friends :)

Sew To Speak....Columbus, Ohio

Then today I worked on a quilt for daughter #3.  She asked for simple framed squares using Amy Butler fabrics...

So here is what I worked on...some Amy, some solids, a little wonky...

And then she tells me that is not the type of quilt she is looking back to the drawing board...but there are a few other things that I am interested in working on so she will have to wait.

I put together another wheel for my QAL with Lynne at Lily's Quilts....

I am going for a scrappy look {so I can use my scraps and not look like such a hoarder}

Two rings complete...I need to decide what to use in the center....hmmm.
Everyone is off for the I will get to sleep in late and will travel to see my mom this cookin' or cleanin'....HA!


  1. Mary, I love your new header. So pretty. I also like your wheels. They look great. Like the wonky blocks too. Have a fun visit with your mom. :)

  2. Mary, love your new header and your new blocks. Have fun with your mom, visit some great fabric stores and have some good food!

  3. Oh how I miss visiting Sew to Speak on a weekly basis! I love your squares. I especially love the wonky one. If I were to ever attempt a quilt i would do one with wonky squares. You're daughter is so lucky to have you to make her a quilt!!

  4. Ummmm .... well if your daughter isn't digging those squares I could take them off your hands for you! I love the new header too :)

  5. Oh my gosh, those rings and squares, too!! Beautiful! I would love to see what your fabric stash looks like! I just know it's total eye candy!

  6. Your scrappy wheels are looking so great! I'm working up a wheel quilt for my Doll Quilt 10 partner and looking forward to getting started on it! I'd sure love to visit you at the quilt shop someday!

  7. Love your new header Mary! I know what it's like to try to sew for a daughter!

  8. A very productive weekend! And I love your new header! I must have another go at doing something like that!

  9. Firstly I don't want to hear anything more about Sew To Speak because I'm jealous. Secondly, I laughed so hard at your daughter not liking you idea for her quilt. And Thirdly, it made me laugh that you're making this quilt scrappy so you don't look like such a hoarder!

  10. Your silly daughter is VERY loved if you didn't say "take this beautiful quilt or none at all!" :) Just stumbled across your quilt thanks to Pleasant Home and am loving your projects :)