Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, I had a couple of fun relaxing days with my mom.  We talked and talked and laughed and laughed....ate too many brownies....and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.  It is so nice to go home, but so sad when it is time to leave.
That's okay...I am going back in a couple of weeks and this time I will not forget my camera!!!
While I was there I popped into the quilt shop....
my mom lives in a very small town so in the quilt shop I was able to get some of the latest scoop about town....and of course I picked up some fabrics....I absolutely believe in supporting the local economy no matter where I am :)

I thought these would make perfect additions to my QAL scrappy quilt....ha!!!  I always get a kick out of buying new fabric for my scrappy quilts!!!  

I just loved these....and I know they will find a home somewhere....

Today I am waiting for my sister-in-law to stop by for a visit....she is bringing Girl Scout Cookies....YUM!  And a couple of old quilts she wants me to look at.  I think they have some areas that are worn or torn.  I have always felt quilts that are torn and unable to be repaired should be left in that state rather than cut up for pillows or other projects.  I still think there is a lot to learn from looking at old quilts - even if they are a bit tattered.  I don't you have an opinion regarding quilts that are in disarray?

So while I was waiting I wanted to just play around a little with some fabric...and the Kaleido- ruler....

I sewed some 2.5 inch strips together....

Using the ruler I cut triangles following the line for an eleven inch block....

From the other end of the ruler, I cut triangles (4) for the tops of four corners to make this a square block...again using the measurements for an eleven inch block...add the triangle tops to 4 of the pieced triangles....
I joined the the eight {pieced} triangles together in pairs and then joined the pairs to make two halves....

You guessed it!!!  I joined the halves to make one cute spider web block....

Hopefully, later today I can fool around with this some more....I want to cut smaller strips and strips of different widths to give it a more "liberated" look.
Hope you are having a fun day....I can't wait to sit down this evening a see what everyone is working on!!!


  1. Welcome Home Mary. :o)
    What pretty fabrics you have there.
    So nice to be home isn't it?
    I am looking forward to my trip this summer.
    I have never seen these blocks done and always wondered what they were called and how to make them. :o) Do you have any suggestions for me, for a pattern to follow? That would be a lovely quilt to make.
    Have a nice day.
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. What is that nifty ruler you have there? Looks fun - I like the block you made, very cute.

    Glad you had a good time with your mom! My mom only lives 1 hour south of me but I only see her less than once a month because we are both so busy, especially her. She is my best friend and crafting buddy tho - love when we get together. We spent all day Saturday at a quilt show last weekend and had a blast - mom/daughter time is the best :)

  3. wow! this is really cool! I love what you did and would LOVE to get myself one of those rulers!!! Off to JoAnns I go...

  4. Love that ruler. What a nice little design.

  5. man...that ruler makes your beautiful block look so easy? is it really that easy?

  6. Lovely ... I think I'm going to have to find myself one of these kaleido rulers ...

    I'm thinking a scrappy echino kaledoscope? be still my beating rotary cutter!

  7. Kaleidoscopes are a favorite of mine....aren't they fun to make! Yours is gorgeous. Enjoy every minute with your mom....I miss mine a lot. You just never know......

  8. WOW! Great blocks Mary! I, too, need to get myself one of those nifty rulers! Might use it for my purple fabrics!

  9. What a clever little ruler! Block looks great :)

  10. Of course my favorite is the red and white polka dots! I'm just getting ready to use that very same ruler!

  11. Welcome back, Mary! :) I love your block! A kaleido-ruler? I think I should get one..just to be prepared... ohh, and thanks for the heads up ~ it's Girl Scout cookie time?! And I agree, I think old quilts should stay the way they are if they can't be repaired. ..But, gosh, I don't know...I think it also depends on whose hands the quilt gets into, if it's someone who really took the time and care in creating a new piece to still keep the integrity of the original, then that could be a beautiful new life for the quilt ...but, a chop and sew just no no