Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Bag of Supplies Go?

Are you singing along with me?  Let me tell you - I was not in a singing mood earlier....I am over it now....
Have you ever lost something that you really need?  I don't usually...I try very hard to keep track of all my "stuff"....but I cannot find a pattern, needles, and buttons that I had all together in a zip lock bag.  I am sure it is here somewhere - probably snickering at me - I just can't find it.

This is just one box of fabric....I have about 5 or 6 more - some larger some smaller.  Then I have baskets with patterns and worksheets, folders I use for classes.  It would be so much better if I had one location for all of this...oh well

As I was searching....I found a few things I had forgotten, fun!
This is a sweet little quilt I made several years ago....

It is not large - about 24" X 27" - I guess....I had an estimate on framing it, but geesh it was an outrageous amount so I need to just put a sleeve on the back....

It is just a peaceful little quilt :)

And I found a book from years and years is full of Early American crafts...

Wouldn't this be a precious applique project....

And this I LOVE!!!

More projects....I did manage to piece another ring for the QAL....

It may be quiet here for a couple of days...Mary McNeil and I are going to visit my mom....
See you when I get back :)

***Oh, I almost forgot, Jodi at Pleasant Home was so sweet to feature Molly Flanders on her blog today!!!  YAY!  I am always inspired by the features on Jodi's blog - there are lots of creative people in our little sphere!!!   


  1. Oh Mary..congrats on the Pleasant Home feature! Jodi was one of my first followers, although I think she's stopped following me now, for some reason :-( Nevermind I still read her! Don't you hate it when you lose something! I'm sure it'll turn up...when you DON'T need it!

  2. I've misplaced my favourite ruler...the one I use all the time, everyday. I am very frustrated that I can't find it anywhere!!!

  3. Lovely feature Mary - congratulations!

    I regularly spend ages looking for

    (a) my glasses - they're usually on my head

    (b) my small cutting ruler - usually right in front of me

    (c) a small square box with my hexies in it - turns up for 5 mins then disappears again for another couple of weeks!

    Have fun at your Mom's :)

  4. I saw all of your lovely creations over at Jodi's today. :o) It was a great feature! I sure hope you can find your misplaced items. I do misplace things from time to time and it frustrates me too. :o) Especially because I know that my intentions of putting it in the location it is in, was suppose to be a good one. :o)
    Have a nice time.
    love, Trish

  5. I'm looking for a pair of Dovo embroidery scissors since last year. It makes me sick that I can't find them as they were a gift from my husband. I thought for sure that they'd turn up once I purchased another pair! You are not alone!

  6. A beautiful box of fabric!! :) Oh my gosh, I did that a few weeks ago...usually if I misplace something, I find it pretty quick, but I was in the middle of making a frame purse and the frame disappeared. I only had one of this particular size, easy to spot..vanished...right back into the original drawer. It made me nuts there for a while. Have a lovely time with your mother! :)

  7. Ohhhhh I did. I bought a dresden plate template and I've been searching the house high and low for 3 days now. GRRR!!! I loved the feature. You're stuff is tres lovely! Muy inspirational! Grazie, Bella! (I figured I used French, Spanish...I might as well finish with Italian) Hee hee...

  8. Your quilts are amazing and the colors stunning.