Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weather Forecast....

Gloomy with a chance of dreary!!!  This is the view from my kitchen sink window....this picture has not changed for the longest time....

I have been able to check off a couple of items from my list....some of those I will have to tell you about later....someone may be reading ;)

I want to get this pickle-dish quilted so I can start quilting the Tea Party quilt....focus, focus.....

But I did take a few to practice some free-motion quilting....

Then I did a little quilting....

Now back to that pickle-dish....focus....there is another one on deck and other blocks to be tackled!  Are you always thinking of the next block or quilt?  Or are you always in the zone? Ha!


  1. My DH told me today if I live to make all the quilts "I'm dying to make" I'll be the oldest quilter alive! I have at least a half dozen rolling around in my head, and four in the works..can we say ADHD???

  2. Always, always on the next block for the next quilt! And even works now when I'm away from my sewing room for two week! Thank pickle dish has me thinking....

  3. I am always in the zone to see what you are creating as I don't know how to block/quilt, but I love quilts to no end.
    I adore dreary days though. They get me motivated and I get a lot done! But...this is coming from someone in southern CA. If I had day after day of dreariness I may not sound so zippy about it.

  4. I understand completely, I have at least 4 projects started and sitting on the shelf waiting to be completed, and several quilts waiting to be quilted, I better get busy.

  5. Wow, I am in awe. Your quilts are stunning and the speed that you make them, yet with so much love, is amazing!

    I have hand paper pierced two quilts and now planning my first machine pierced!

  6. Your pickle-dish is looking delicious :-) I love the bold colors. I bought a free motion foot for my sewing machine a week or so ago... haven't had a chance to use it yet, or maybe I am afraid. ha. Might see you tomorrow at the shop. I loved the tea towels on Sew to Speaks' blog & might make something similar for a friend. Figure I should come in and meet the designer, Suzy Ultman.

  7. I can hardly wait to see your pickledish! I finished 8 arches for my 2nd pickledish block but have yet to get the block together. LOL Yes, I also always envision the next quilt while trying to finish the first. If only there were more hours in the day!

  8. what a magician you are ! i'm glad i finally find my way to your blog & thank you so very much for the support. it is appreciated more than you know <3