Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Dainty Dresden....

Been working on a project...that includes some of my favorite things...including a Dresden...

The blades are very petite...and the entire plate only measures about 6 inches in diameter...


The center is hand appliqued as well as the entire plate...onto this fun spotted scalloped background piece.... Love Dresdens!!!
Yesterday was a very busy day...daughter #3....Mary McNeil and I went to Broad Street Presbyterian church to take pictures of their Tiffany stained glass windows...I did a little reading on the subject and the church so I knew these would be impressive panels....Oh my goodness!!!  They are incredible! I was amazed at the color and brilliance of the glass.  Just amazing!!!

Back to work!!!


  1. What a lovely little dresden Mary, and oh my! Those windows are just wonderful ... nice quilt border on those top panes! :)

  2. Aren't the greens and purples lovely in that first window? And what a pretty little dresden! I must try another of these (one of these days!)

  3. Lovely dresden, I think I may have a go next!

  4. Your dresden plate is so charming, very very sweet. The church stained glass is Beautiful beyond belief, I think some of the most beautiful architecture in this country is in our churches. Thanks for sharing,

  5. The stained glass is so pretty. No way would I be able to pay attention to the sermon! Adorable dresden too!

  6. Love the dainty dresden! I aspire to make a whole dresden plate quilt one day.

  7. Good Morning Mary. :o)
    Your little dresden is just as cute as can be. :o)
    And those windows. Goodness are they amazing!! Imagine the attention to detail that went into creating such beauty! :o)
    I hope you are having a wonderful start to a new week!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  8. Oh my, that Dresden's the cutest! and I'm a big fan of Tiffany, I wrote my Art dissertation (many years ago) on Tiffany glass, I'd love to see that window. Bethx

  9. ohhh goodness! What a sweet little Dresden! 6" in diameter?! Petite is right! :) Oh my gosh! Love it, so pretty!

  10. Such a sweet little Dresden and the background fabric is fab!!