Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Friend.....

Well, I opened my door this morning only to find this little critter next to my step...

Now, he may look small in this picture, but he was by no means small...he had been eating and growing well...but for some reason he did not seem to want to leave this resting place and I knew we may want to walk outside today...I needed to get rid of this squatter.  I called the Ohio Wildlife Association and they explained that he was probably frightened by something and just playing "possum"....and if I thought he might be injured I could put him in a box (with a broom) and bring him in...ummmmm no.....I was not about to lure this guy into a box.  I gave him some time and about an hour later my little buddy slowly wandered off (he was perfectly healthy).  Whew!

I spent the rest of the morning getting things prepared for a beginner quilting class...we will make pinwheels...

And I worked on the Tea Party Quilt (Strawberry Fields)....I am loving this sweet....

I ran a little short of the salmon colored Cloud 9 dot I will need to pick up a bit of that tomorrow evening...

The border strips are not sewn together, but I do love how it looks so far...

And finally, I have been working on a little project that needs to be finished mid-month....

I purchased this precious ribbon some time has just been waiting for the right project!
mary ;) 


  1. Those pinwheels are so cute in that fabric! Love the ribbon, too. Where does it come from?

  2. Such pretty ribbon! I was wondering too, where it came from?

  3. I wish I could attend your sewing classes!! :o)
    It would be soo much fun.
    Your little "friend" there looks soft and cuddly. What a funny protection behavior they have! :o) Ya, I am with you ... luring him into a box and then driving him somewhere in my truck doesn't sound like an idea I would embrace. :o)
    Your quilt is coming along so beautifully!! And you ribbon is so pretty. I can't wait to see what you are doing with it. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. Your pretties are so pretty! Except for the Polly Possum. I have one of those squatters every evening under my birdfeeder. I tried throwing snowballs at it but he just glared at me with those close set eyes and continued snacking on dropped bird seed! Hate those buggers!!

  5. ick i don't like possums!!! last time i saw one i actually screamed, and i was inside my car!

  6. hahahahaha!! that is so funny! one neighbor was taking a picture because he was so huge and another neighbor asked what it was. he thought perhaps he was sick because he was moving so are just VERY slow.

  7. That Strawberry Fields has me so intrigued Mary! I love what you're doing there!

  8. I still have a possum and baby living in my back porch on top of the broom cupboard. I'm co-habiting but ours aren't as ugly as yours and they are fast. The strawberry fields is going to be such a sweet quilt and I love that ribbon. Pinwheels are the best!

  9. I adore opossums. They are not very attractive and I do like to leave them alone, but I still like them.
    That ribbon is the best! So sweet.

  10. Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
    Sweet memories.
    Titanium Necklaces Titanium Necklaces

  11. ohhh, that ribbon is so cute and the quilt is so pretty! ahhh, I think opossums are kinda cute! One night years ago, my cats were staring out the window, just quiet and staring, which scared me, but like a horror movie I go to the window anyway to see whats out there..huge gray opossum! I had never seen one before, in the middle of L.A.! At first I thought, oh no what's wrong with that kitty..eeekk not a cat! I've liked them every since! :) {I think they also don't see very well}

  12. He kind of looked cuddly all curled up. But I was not willing to disturb him...I am glad he was able to get up and scoot off on his own ;)

  13. Enjoy watching your quilts grow and I am glad your little buddies was healthy and went on his merry way.

  14. Um, no I wouldnt either. What if he was rabid. I am such a chicken.

    I love your tea party quilt.

  15. Thank you so much Lori! Yep - he hasn't been back which is fine by me :)